How to acquire new skills to outdo the rest and succeed

A lot of business owners think skills matter more than degrees. This doesn’t mean degrees are useless, but this shows you the big importance of acquiring new aptitudes or abilities. Here you have super-entrepreneur Elon Musk’s opinion.

Some examples of skills could be: learning a new language, knowing how to code or being able to set up a website for your business (an e-commerce page, a landing page or a blog).

It all depends on the needs you have, but still all the skills you have matter. Every entrepreneur needs to work on their skill set. It’s important you have a certain knowledge of different areas of work. Even if you have co-founders, you’ll need to be able to handle situations (from marketing to accounting).


Why do entrepreneurs need to acquire new skills?

We entrepreneurs are the ones who are in charge of most of the activities of a new business. At the beginning, it will be difficult to delegate and hire lots of people. It’s important to understand you don’t need to be an expert on everything, you will eventually hire someone better than you to focus on a specific activity.

The best thing to do is to make a research. Which are the best ways to acquire that new skill you need? Which are the ways you feel more comfortable with? Some people may prefer enrolling in online courses instead of attending face-to-face classes. Others prefer to learn by reading a book or listening to podcasts. The important thing is you put them in practice after learning how to do it.

You need to employ time to learn and be patient as well. You will see progress after some time. Learn something you’d enjoy, even if it’s difficult or you feel uncomfortable doing it. And don’t quit during the first weeks of trying. That’s the time where most people do it since you don’t see much progress or you become demotivated. It’s important you focus on the long-term, learning a skill is a process, in the same way, becoming an entrepreneur is.


Where can I access online courses?

Udemy is one of my favorite platforms. There you can find some great courses and even some of them are completely free.

I know skillshare is another great platform to learn. I didn’t use it but I’ve researched it and seems to be another great option.

There are also specialized pages that teach about coding for example Codecademy.

If you can’t find what you need, keep researching. There are a ton of other resources. You can contact me through Instagram @Beginneur or email if you need some help.

Nowadays you can learn and access courses with a lot of devices, including notebooks and phones

Still, remember to find the way of learning that you feel more comfortable with. Youtube tutorials and videos are other options, besides podcasts, books, blogs, etc.


Why is so important to keep practicing after you’ve learned an ability?

After you acquire it, you can forget what you’ve learned if you don’t practice it. It’s important you keep reading or using that skill. Practice makes even better. In that way, you will also enhance and get better.

The skill set is one of the most valuable assets every entrepreneur should improve. Read books, attend courses, try new things. Even stuff that may be a hobby to you, can become useful in the future. It may sound illogical, but even learning how to play an instrument or practicing a sport. If you are interested in it, you can find something you could work on around that new skill you are acquiring.

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