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Choosing what to do

Before talking about the feelings and stuff that will obstruct you, I wanted to stress the importance of working on something you love. What I mean by this is, whatever you’d like to do, then go for it. If it’s something you love it will help you avoid giving up and strive. Since you won’t give up, you’ll become persistent as well and that is really important.

That being said, doubts, fears, criticism, mistakes, risks, are all elements which appear at the beginning of every project. And they will make you doubt about your capabilities, but we can’t become discouraged.

We must understand that we can’t really know if we are going to be a complete failure without trying. So you can’t actually miss a shot you didn’t take. The same thing happens with success. The truth is that if you try you will fail, but if you keep trying you will succeed. In addition, this is an extension of the previous post about adjusting your mindset. But we are taking a more in-depth look about how to handle these “obstructors”.

Most of these obstructions lay in our heads so they don’t really exist.


It is totally fine to have some doubts. If you think about it, it is likely that you will fail. And that’s normal since there are a lot of things we don’t know at the beginning. I have personally failed a lot with this page, but that didn’t stop me. There were so many times I thought this couldn’t prosper. But still, that didn’t block me.

I had bad designs on my first Instagram posts. Those same exact posts didn’t have nice captions and I didn’t use hashtags. My first website design was not appealing at all and wasn’t easy to use. And the list of things I didn’t know how to do goes on.

I learned about SEO to enhance my website, I started to make better designs and learned more about Instagram. That doesn’t make me an expert still. In fact, I always have something to improve. Even if my digital marketing skills got better and better, there are other tools and strategies I have to keep learning.

Furthermore, you will doubt yourself, besides all of this. This is why you have to work on your confidence and believe that you can. And if you can’t do something, believe you can learn and aim to do it better than anyone else.


We have to try and if something goes wrong, we can correct it. That’s what we need to learn from our mistakes. They are teachings that show us the right way to do things. If you do something well, that’s fine. But failure is the best teacher.

By trying we get to understand that things may not be really easy. But we also understand that there’s nothing you can’t do or learn how to do it.

We are speaking about building a startup and no one is born knowing how to do it.

If success was really easy to achieve, then everyone would do it. Its difficulty is what makes us want to achieve it so badly. If we are willing to make the effort, then there’s no way you can’t achieve it. And there’s no one who can stop us.


If you get criticized then you should consider whether it comes from haters or not. If you have haters then good, these people love to hate others’ good work. But if the critics don’t have a source from them, then that’s feedback. And there are two kinds of feedback. Positive, when people tell you that you are doing things well. Or negative feedback, when your audience really don’t like something you are doing and you need to make a change. The second one is even better since you know what your customers want and think. And you should never be afraid of where are these critics coming from, whether it’s someone you know or not.

This is the way to increase the value you are offering and get more and more clients. We are going to stress this concept a little more in the following post.

You should care about the feedback you get, that’s how you get to know what needs improvement and what does your audience like from you.


Finally, you have to take risks. If you want to live a life above average, you have to bear with risks. I don’t mean you have to take excessive risks, you have to know how much you can take. Risk management and tolerance are up to you. People react differently to this, so only you are aware of how much you can take. Online businesses may require fewer risks to take, but still, you can’t avoid them 100%.

But still, get out of your comfort zone. Do something that terrifies you. Live. And most important of all, enjoy. People keep complaining and thinking and rethinking and never take action. Remember, these elements are in your head and don’t really exist. So don’t let this stop you.

Don’t even think that you can’t make it because you don’t know any successful people in real life. You have plenty of real examples in books, podcasts and more. Meet new people. People who have that same mindset that you have and that same desire to achieve success.

If you are reading this you want to live a life above average. So, if you don’t like to settle for a regular life, then start and make something huge. Keep in mind that every single successful entrepreneur or influencer went through this. The people who persist and overcome these obstructors are the ones who at the end, succeed. If you need help (and that will happen) go check the other posts to learn what you need to start doing.

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