Which are the best WordPress plugins? Scale & improve your website

Once you set up your first website without any plugin, you may feel your website needs more. And you can pretty much do a lot more on your website without coding skills. I mean you can keep adding functionalities to your site faster than coding. You can easily do this with plugins! With free hosting services it’s probable that you are not going to be able to install plugins. But if you have paid for a hosting such as SiteGround you can!

There are plugins to turn your website into an ecommerce, plugins to make a social media platform and more. But still, we are going to focus on the ones to create a generic site.

If you know how to set up a website and you already read my eBook on how to use WordPress, we can start. Remember that you can install plugins by going to the Plugins tab and then “Add new”, to search them.

Yoast SEO | Facilitates Search Engine optimization

This surely is the most important plugin to install if you care about the traffic you get. With this plugin, you will be able to perform SEO activities to rank better in the search engines. If you have read my ebook remember to disable the “Show Categories in search results?” option.

Keep in mind that you don’t want Google or any search engine crawl (which means index) pages with no relevant content on them. That’s why you’ll mainly use this plugin for. You can easily choose which pages you don’t want to get indexed.

You can also modify the title and excerpt (which people see in the search results) to optimize them and rank higher. Besides, it will give you some tips while writing posts, to make them look more appealing for visitors and search engines.

We can even get our site’s sitemap thanks to this plugin which we will use to help Google index our site properly. You will need it when you set up your Google Search Console account.

Cookie law info | Become GDPR Compliant

With this plugin, you will get a cookie law popup to assure you obey GDPR regulations with european citizens. You will need a Privacy Policy and a Cookies Policy page.

It is also customizable to make it match your website’s design just like the one from my page.

Smush | Image Compression and Optimization

You will need this plugin to make your website load faster, by reducing the files size. This will enhance the user experience which is one of our goals while building a website.

The best part is that you only need to activate it and you won’t have to the plugin’s settings.

Contact Form 7 | Create your Contact Page

If you don’t know what to write on a “Contact me” page, you can download this plugin to create the page’s content.

Generate a form which visitors would fill up with information and would be sent to your mailbox. You will get a code with this plugin, something with square brackets [(…)] which you will copy and paste on a “Contact me” page. Then you will simply publish it and there you’ll have, your Contact me page!

This page you are about to create is an example of a page you don’t want to index in the search engines. Yoast SEO may ask something similar to: “Allow search engines to show this Page in search results?” and you will select the No option.

Share Buttons by AddThis | Create Social Share Buttons

Finally, you will use this to create buttons that will enable people to share the different pages and posts on their social media. You can customize the buttons as well and they even are responsive (for tablets and smartphones).

This is a simple solution to make easier the sharing of your work and get another source of traffic.

I hope this article helps you enhance your website and its usefulness to make your business look much more professional. And don’t forget to download the free eBook if you haven’t already!

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