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Why Social Media can let you build and grow a multimillion-dollar business

It may seem difficult to think that we can approach a big amount of people for free. This is something social media has enabled us to do. Some years ago, doing this would have meant spending a big amount of money to be featured on television, radio or newspapers and magazines. Thanks to the advances in technology and the development of the Internet, in addition to the Web 2.0, this has been highly facilitated.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, can be used for free. The thing is, most people don’t know how to use them and seize that big opportunity.

Using social media is like being in a big stadium full of people. You just need to learn how to address your message and call the attention. You need to understand that every platform is different and you have to choose the ones that are right for you.

ilustration of social media marketing
Attract potential customers and engage with your audience with social media

Some experts may tell you that you should have a presence on all of them. This is true, that’s a good choice. The problem is that you have to work harder, and as an entrepreneur maybe you need to pay attention to other more important tasks.



Why do you need to use social media for your startup?

More than 2 billion people use social media every day. This gives you the opportunity to grow exponentially if you know how to use it right. You can reach all these people for free, so you can’t just ignore them.

Let’s take a look at some of the most known social media platforms.



I like to start with it since it’s the most popular and appealing to the users.  It works for a lot of audiences. Instagram works best for photos and videos, but this doesn’t mean you can’t include text on them. Even writers could use it by uploading images with quotes on them.

Mastering Instagram is a powerful skill.

Smartphone using Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform
Instagram has more than a billion monthly active users. It is one of the fastest growing platforms and is highly interactive.


This is another great tool to use. Creating a Facebook page lets you upload text posts, besides photos and videos. The special thing Facebook has is Facebook ads. Instagram has ads too, but they are not as effective as Facebook’s. Using ads is still another skill to learn and require money, but they can make your business thrive.



The 280-character platform is a great opportunity for those who like to write. Yet you can upload images and videos. But the written tweets have a much bigger impact than Instagram’s captions. This platform will enable you to communicate with your audience in a more personally and individually way.



Often used as a way to show the backstage of the business. There you can see how things are made and the everyday life of the business.

Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t use it another way.


These are the ones I highly recommend you try.  There are more like Pinterest or LinkedIn. LinkedIn is about personal profiles, so you need to know which are the best platforms to call attention.

Mastering the skill of using social media can let you reach a big amount of clients to your little business. Every entrepreneur’s project is in the beginning stage. This means your audience is relatively low. But you can rapidly grow your business if you learn how to stand out on these platforms.

The more important thing is that you can (and must) interact with your audience. Social media enables you to establish a stronger relationship with your customers. Creating polls, answering questions your audience makes you on your posts, or even asking your viewers about a certain topic. Interacting with your audience may lead you to network. A lot of business relationships are made online. Maybe some of your followers could be a potential employee or even a partner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a follower, but the key point is to connect with people.

You can run ads too in order to reach more people. You can pay for them using Facebook or Instagram ads, but you can also pay to an influencer (a really-known person whose social media accounts hold a big amount of followers) to attract more people. But we will discuss more about social media advertising in another post.

You simply learn by doing. Try these platforms, see which works best for you. There are some strategies and techniques. But the truth is you will learn along the way. Analyze which platforms convert more. Which one makes the traffic you get become sales and profit.

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Social Media Marketing is really powerful to attract customers and help you build an online presence for your startup.

What is a community manager

In a company, the person who is in charge of the social media accounts of a business is the CM (Community Manager). This position manages the relationship between the company and the customer via social media platforms.

This person has a wide knowledge of the different platforms where the business has a presence.

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