What is a niche and how you can target your audience

It may seem illogical to address your message to a limited group of people rather than speaking to everyone. But the truth is that it is easier to reach an audience when you focus your speech. This group of people you are trying to sell to is defined as “target audience”. These people have similar needs and desires, which you are trying to fulfill.

Direct your message

Your marketing strategy (ads, social media posts, etc.) should speak to the audience you are choosing. You can’t speak with a teenager the same way you do with an adult or a senior citizen. Different audiences behave differently and need to be reached differently. When communicating your product, don’t think you are speaking to the world. Think of the kind of people you are talking to. This will adapt the way you communicate to your audience’s needs. You can’t use modern slang words to reach an adult.

This means that you need to select the range of people you are planning to offer your product/service to. You can limit this niche of people by age, gender, taste, purchasing power, where they live, etc. Still, this doesn’t mean you can’t sell to someone outside this niche, because it could happen. The thing is that if this happens regularly, then you should check on the niche you chose since you could have select it wrongly.

How you can target your audience

If you are selling phone cases that are decorated with cartoons or characters from tv series for kids, then you will adapt your message to a group of young kids and teenagers. Since people who buy phone cases own a mobile phone, your niche belongs to the working class or the lower middle class and the ones that are above. If your product quality is higher and your price rises, then you will be aiming for an upper class. But if instead of changing the quality and the price, you change the design of the cases your niche will change in another way. Let’s say you are selling cases which come in only three different colors, black, grey and white. Now, it’s more likely these cases are going to be bought by older people and no longer your young audience. So the age of your niche will change.

Customers making a line to order their food. Potential customers trying to buy.

You need to find and select your target audience, the one you are selling to. You can make some little changes on it along the way. But if you’re changing it too much from time to time, then there’s something wrong in your planning.

From the traffic you get, you will need to identify the characteristics of your leads or potential customers. These are the people that match the characteristics of your niche. These are the people whom you need to call their attention, and they are who will buy from you.

Why is this important?

Picking a niche will help you increase your sales and your audience. When you target your audience, these people will feel special and understood. You need to understand that is more likely you will sell your product or service to someone you are speaking in a way they feel comfortable with. But, besides the credibility your brand gets, think about doing an ads campaign. When you set up an ads campaign, the business who is providing you with this service (Google Ads, Facebook Ads) will ask you who do you want them to show your advertisements. You need to understand that not everyone will be interested in your business. And if your ad is displayed in a person’s screen who is not interested, that’s money you lose.

Now we can say that being able to pick a niche will help you increase sales, conversions, visits, decrease your marketing expenses and more. But still, you have to make a research and understand who your audience is. This may require money or not and it will take some time, but it is a must do. Directing your message gets more efficient results.

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