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How to increase your sales fast and exponentially with this little tip

Throwing your product and service to the market won’t make you a millionaire. You need to use some strategies to maximize your sales. You need an online presence. Being on social media platforms and owning a web page, are great ways to attract your audience. But still, you need to find the way to turn that traffic into real sales or maybe get some information from it.

You can be seen by millions and still have a little profit and get poor results. Reaching a lot of people and make them know who you are and what you sell (and offer) is really important, but you need more.

You still have one more step to take in order to increase your sales. You need to persuade those people into buying from you. If you have a really good product/service, you need a more efficient way to communicate it with them. A better way to show them.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page that focuses on lead generation. A lead generation is an action a web visitor makes, that has value for you. Actions such as: buying a product from you or signing up to your newsletter. This will enable you to increase your sales. If you drive a lot of traffic to your social media or web page, you won’t sell as much as you would with a landing page (unless you own an e-commerce website, which focuses on sales and conversions as well).

a landing page that generates leads
A landing page, a single and simple website, guiding the site visitors and persuading them to convert


Basically, a landing page will make your goal easier to reach. If you plan to sell a single product (for example, an e-book) set up a landing page. The people who visit that website are more likely to buy from you since that’s the purpose of a landing page. But maybe you are not focusing on sales yet, and you are collecting e-mails. Then, set up a lander and offer something (usually, a newsletter or a free magazine) in exchange for their e-mails. That’s an easier and more efficient way to build an e-mail list.

The thing is, that if you have a single product or service to offer, or you’re building an email list, you could build a landing page and drive traffic to it. That will improve the conversion. A conversion is a site visitor who turned into a customer. Some people will include not only monetary transactions, for example getting an email from a visitor can be considered as well as a conversion. So we can use “lead generation” and the term “conversion” as synonyms. Actions the web visitors make that are valuable for you. Or you can simply say that a conversion is when a customer/visitor does what you are hoping them to do.

This page should be appealing and guide people throw the selling process or the tool you are using to get information (email list, survey, etc).

Lander or landing page illustration to build an email list with an ebook
You could build an email list by giving out ebooks

There are some services that make it really simple to set up a lander, destination page or a landing page (there are different names for it).

If you want to learn an easy way to make one, read below.

What is a funnel?

Finally, it is also important to know what a funnel is. A funnel is a process that will enable a site visitor to convert. So, we could say a funnel works the same way as a landing page. Well, if we are talking about funnels in general, then we would be correct. Unless we are talking about sales funnels which are focused on the selling process (newsletter sign-ups are not included here).

ClickFunnels is a software application that makes it really easy to build landing pages. You simply create an account and then you can build the landing page using the tools they provide you. It is really easy to use and enables you to focus on the important stuff, the product or the content you are offering.

mac laptop with a landing page on it
You don’t need to know how to make a website. Search for a program that makes it for you, and focus on the content.

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