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Branding, audience targetting, advertisement, are some marketing strategies you will need to learn to make your business known. Marketing is all about competing not only on price. This is why businesses can differentiate in other ways. Marketing and online marketing have developed other strategies to not only compete on quality or price. Consequently, mastering the skill of marketing companies or startups will enable you to differentiate from your competition.

Down below, you will find posts about digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing as well.


Communicate and interact

As an entrepreneur with a new startup, you can’t throw your product or service to the market and expect to become a millionaire. You need to drive traffic. You need people to notice what you are doing and make them feel comfortable with your business. By understanding the consumer behavior, you can communicate, reach your potential consumers and audience more efficiently.

Marketing is about communicating your product and service. With the advances in technology and the development of the Web 2.0 (the version of the World Wide Web we use nowadays), a lot of areas have changed including marketing. First of all, this ended the old one-way communicating marketing strategy and the communication occurs bidirectionally. This is why the consumers play an active role and they no longer consume only, but they also produce. This interaction has lead to the birth of the prosumer. Therefore, they are involved in the creation and design of the content and the product.

As a result, we have to encourage this communication and use the feedback which is valuable information.

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